How old do you have to be to buy condoms?

If you are having this cup of tea with me, you are most likely young and so I am here to deliver the good news that there is absolutely no age limit for buying condoms! Not a single soul will be rightful to make you feel ashamed for purchasing such essential mean to having sex, because you are legally allowed to purchase condoms at any age!
I cannot stand a nosy shopkeeper that wants to make you feel embarrassed for buying condoms! Do they want you to have a baby? Or do they want you to catch a malicious STD* that will not allow you to have sex anymore? No, this is outrageous! I’m going to let you in on the right ways of buying a condom anywhere and anytime.

Go to a drugstore and find the stand that all the condoms are stored upon. Feel free to browse among them for the most suitable one. You can even get free condoms if you look in the right places! In whichever way you acquire condoms, you have to be cautious about its safety: check the expiration date, and examine the latex for wear and tear before use.
* Sexually Transmitted Diseases