Have this cup of tea with Churchill before you use a condom.

Sit down and pour yourself a cup of tea, and give me your undivided attention as enlighten you with my knowledge about using condoms.

The main reason for using a condom is to prevent unwanted pregnancy and to experience a risk-free intercourse with your partner. Even though every condom is tested with accurate machines, no single condom can 100% guarantee to fully deliver its purpose. Therefore, whenever you are about to use one, make sure you do everything I’m about to say :

  1. Read up on guides, watch videos, take advice and learn how to use a condom properly so that you don’t waste any.
  2. Remember to never re-use a condom, ever! They lose their protective characteristics after the first use.
  3. Always keep a condom out of sunlight and keep it in room temperature. Store somewhere that you can easily reach when you need it.
  4. If you keep a condom in your wallet, check the expiration date when you take it out. You might want to check for wear and tear before using it (a wallet is not a proper place to keep a condom as it will be under pressure).
  5. Use condoms with a second form of protection, if you’re having sex with a woman ensure she’s on the pill or another method of birth control to make sure you really are safe from unwanted pregnancies.
Now that you are fully enlightened on how to use condoms, put your partners consent at the utmost priority and have a good time!